Your SILC founders Kieran Moore, Charlie Brownlee and Tim Sant have created three instructional DVDs, each catered to a different experience level.

You can use these resources to learn the full SILC syllabus from home, or recap and expand on the skills that you learned in a Workshop or Masterclass.

SILC Foundation Level - £19.00 - Product Code 36 CC09


- This DVD features everything you need to know in order to dance confidently to slower music.


- A comprehensive look into the fundamental techniques that define the SILC syllabus.


- Perfect for those who feel uncomfortable freestyling to slower music or for those who wish to develop a confident 'starter repertoire' of movements.



SILC Progressive Level - £22.50 - Product Code 37 CC10


- This DVD will further your knowledge about the SILC syllabus, introduce new concepts and extend your movement repertoire.


- Learn additional fundamental techniques to compliment previously explored skills to create brand new movement material.


- Perfect for those who are confident dancing to slower music and wish to hone their lead and follow skills to a higher level. Add more challenging movement into your repertoire.



SILC Developmental Level - £22.50 - Product Code 38 CC11


- This DVD contains 24 challenging concepts only for those that have mastered the SILC fundamentals.


- Explore 4 different categories of contemporary movement material; Whips, Eights, Accelerations and Framed Pathways.


- Perfect for those who are confident with all of the fundamental skills and wish to expand their movement and style repertoire with a more sophisticated catalogue.



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